(Bow, NH)—Prof. David K. Bloomington of Bow College is working on a new book on the famed English author and medievalist J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and a bunch of other fairy-tale books that no one cares about after those two.

“It’s high time for a new study of the great Englishman,” Prof. Bloomington says of his book titled, Neglected Genius: The Genius of J.RR. Tolkien’s Genius. “Do you know that his experiences in World War I shaped his worldview? Or that he belonged to this group called the Inklings, who had an influence on his writing? That he created entire new languages for Middle-Earth? Or that he left unfinished at his death a rambling work called The Silmarillion, which every Tolkien fan talks about with reverence but which no one has actually read beyond chapter one? There’s a Smaugian treasure trove… heh heh… to explore here, and we in the Tolkien field have only scratched the surface really.”

When told that his book will be the 16-millionth-781-thousandth-243rd book published on Tolkien, Prof. Bloomington seemed unfazed. “My hope is that my book will bring Tolkien more into the public light, so that others besides us specialists will know his name. Who knows, maybe someone one day will make a movie out of one of his books… though I don’t know, for instance, if The Hobbit‘s simple tale could fill a whole two hours.”

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