Memento Mori

They say the end may be near. But we already know that life is fleeting, that none of us knows the day or the hour.

So why not give now while you can, to make this passing world a better place while there is still time?

During your brief sojourn in this vale of tears, you have yearned for thoughtful essays and deeper thinking about “the permanent things” that undergird Western Civilization and human life: philosophy, history, literature, music, the Great Books… and you have found a home at The Imaginative Conservative. Some might even say we are a little piece of Heaven on earth.

Don’t be afraid that giving to us is a complicated process. In fact, it’s easy: Just use the button below to donate to us via Paypal or credit card.

Please give now… while you still can.

P.S. It is customary for many of our friends to donate in amounts of $120 or $240 per year. We are grateful for every gift regardless of size. Perhaps in this difficult time some of you who are able may consider a gift of $500, $1000, or even more? We do not know how this crisis will develop, but we do know that many of those upon whom we have depended are already struggling. Please consider doing all that you can to help us continue to serve The Imaginative Conservative community.

Thank you. For all we wish and pray peace and health.


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