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Dr. John Hittinger is Director of the Saint John Paul II Institute at the University of St. Thomas. Additionally, he is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University, Professor of Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, and Founder of the Pope John Paul II Forum for the Church in the Modern World. Dr. Hittinger is the author of many articles and books including The Vocation of the Catholic Philosopher: From Maritain to John Paul II and Liberty, Wisdom, and Grace: Thomism and Democratic Political Theory.

Russell Kirk & Pope St. John Paul II on the Redemption of Man

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Pope St. John Paul II and Russell Kirk defended freedom within the limits of truth and its authentic or right use. They knew it was crucial to distinguish license and liberty. But they have different approaches to truth. As we discussed the work of Russell Kirk, written in 1954, revised in 1962 and 1988, I [...]

Russell Kirk: Where is the Gorgon’s head?

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“The frightful grin, the flattened nose, the lolling tongue, the eyes with their fixed stare . . . such a face as drifts through dreams, the goddess of terrors” Russell Kirk, Prospects for Conservatives, p. 17 Kirk claims that the twentieth century writers about America do not really look upon the dreadful face of Medusa. [...]

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