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Leo R. Ward

Leo R. Ward
Leo Ward (1893–1984), a Holy Cross priest, held a Ph.D. from the Catholic University of America and was Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame University. His works include Holding up the Hills and Concerning Mary Ann.
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What was it that this non-expert, the fun­ny fat man, had to say? Why did his works become for many a sort of bible? How was it that an artist-turned-journalist was accepted as the idea man as well as the entertainer of people?...
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In freeing the student in his studies and liberating man socially through education and through every sort of technique and social institution, John Dewey remains an interesting and commanding philosopher... We will first mention decisive influ­ences on...
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Above all other twentieth-century men, the late Christopher Dawson took seriously the two theses developed by Newman over a century ago. Newman's theses were that only the liberally educated are really educated and that a person without an introduction...