About Nathan Harter

Nathan Harter is Director of Interdisciplinary Studies at Christopher Newport University. He has taught at Purdue University and holds a B.A. from Butler University and a J.D. from Indiana University.

The Elements of Leadership: Might, Measure, & Meaning

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Not only is a leader an agent of force and something of a philosopher, but he must also be a kind of corporate prophet… The philosopher Eric Voegelin labored for many years in relative obscurity until his death in 1985. Even now his disciples are drawn largely from conservative academe, which is so marginal as [...]

Leadership: Healing a Broken World?

By |2019-10-30T11:48:16-05:00March 1st, 2015|Categories: Classics, Leadership, Plato, Socrates|Tags: |

I wonder about the presuppositions when voices are raised concerning the fragmentation of society and problems of disconnectedness.[1] At the heart of these concerns is a philosophical anthropology, i.e., one’s beliefs about what it means to be human. What is it exactly that is fragmented or disconnected? It is probably incumbent on me to disclose [...]

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