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Dr. Wayne Allen (1942-2003) received his doctorate in political theory from the University of California, Riverside and served as Professor of Political Science.

Romano Guardini & the Dissolution of Western Culture

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The Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers hollowed Western culture out of the very spiritual body that held it together: the mystical body of Christ… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords readers the opportunity to join Wayne Allen as he explores Romano Guardini’s understanding of the dissolution of Western culture via the de-spiritualization of the West, [...]

Romano Guardini and the Dissolution of Western Culture

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The End of the Modern World, by Romano Guardini; with an Introduction by Frederick Wilhelmsen. The appearance of this new and expanded edition of Romano Guardini’s book is both timely and helpful. Guardini (1885-1968) writes partially in the spirit of a theologian and partly with the critical eye of the philosopher. And he rightly sees [...]

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