Ten Christmas Stories Every Father Should Read to His Children

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Father Christmas and the Christian father share a domestic priesthood that presides over the Christmas mysteries. Christmas calls on fathers far and wide to take up the books of Christmas, to draw their children into a ring round fire or tree to be read to... When St. Nick drives his miniature sleigh full of toys drawn [...]

Good Books and Great Music for Christmas Gifting

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Here are four recently-published books and four new classical music albums that I have greatly enjoyed this past year… Books I’ve read several excellent biographies (and one great autobiography) this past year. Foremost among the former is Jan Swafford’s magisterial Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph, which could easily be termed the definitive biography of perhaps the [...]

Gift-Giving Guidelines for Imaginative Conservatives

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What we need most are things spiritual, not material. We need things that will not agitate us but that will fill us with peace and order… In making my list of gift suggestions for Christmas, I could not help but reflect that what we need most are things spiritual, not material. We need things [...]

8 Conservative Christmas Gift Suggestions from ISI Books

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What better way to celebrate the holidays than with 50% off books? I’m with Abraham Lincoln: “My best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read.” So when The Imaginative Conservative asks me for Christmas gift recommendations, I immediately think of books. What better gift could there be? Since you’re [...]

C.S. Lewis’ “Present Concerns”: A Gift of Wisdom

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Each of the nineteen essays in Present Concerns is packed with wisdom that can profitably be taken in little chunks over time and meditated upon over a steaming hot cup of tea or an even bigger pint of ale, perhaps even with a pipe pinched between one’s teeth, as Lewis surely would have it… Present [...]

Christmas Reading to Prepare for the Political Year Ahead

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Here, dear readers, are four books to prepare you for the political season that lies ahead of us in 2017.... 1) Constitutional Morality and the Rise of Quasi-Law (Harvard University Press, 2016) The final work by my friend and mentor, the late and great George Carey, and also by one of the best scholars of [...]

A Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide for Conservatives

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Let us see gift-giving less as an obligation or a buy-in to the commercialism of the season, and more as a sign of affection... It’s less than a week till Christmas, and you realize that you cannot give Brad Birzer’s Russell Kirk: American Conservative biography to every member of your family. What to do?! Have no [...]

Christmas Shopping for the Man Who Works with His Hands & Head

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I'm not much of a long-range planner when it comes to the giving of gifts at Christmas time, I'm a last minute giver. But at least I try to be a thoughtful one. My recommendations in past years have followed a theme. The same is true this year. This time around my list reflects my [...]

A Very Beery Christmas: How Homebrewing Can Preserve the Republic

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Brewing one's own beer helps the conservative settle back into a habitual patience and a dedication to process and institutions that are assurances of good government in any republic... For the Christmas of 2016, I recommend you get the conservative in your life a homebrewing kit, such as the starter kit available from Northern Brewer. Now, before [...]

ISI’s 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Imaginative Conservatives

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Whatever you think about the choice of General James Mattis for secretary of defense, you have to admire this about him: He takes his personal library of more than 6,000 books with him to every post. An e-mail the general wrote in 2003 has gone viral. In it he swiftly demonstrates why it’s so foolish [...]

A Smokin’ Christmas! Gift Ideas for Your Winter Barbecue

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Anyone who doesn’t like good barbecue deserves a lump of charcoal in his stocking. Barbecue, like politics, should be local. So get your special someone a gift pack of some of the South’s best regional barbecue sauces: Owensboro, Kentucky’s Moonlite Bar­-B-Q’s sweet tomato based sauce The original white sauce (terrific on chicken) from Decatur, Alabama’s Big [...]

Books for Christmas: The Headmaster Recommends

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This past year I read or re-read the following that reminded me of the permanent things that inform the good, true, and beautiful: Daniel Taylor's Death Comes for The Deconstructionist: A unique murder mystery that also offers a novel (pun intended) critique of ideologically-driven theories. Josef Pieper's Abuse of Language—Abuse of Power: After national debates or recent [...]