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C. R. Wiley is the author of Man of the House: A Handbook for Building a Shelter That Will Last in a World That is Falling Apart and The Purloined Boy. He has written for various publications, including Touchstone Magazine, Modern Reformation, Sacred Architecture, National Review Online, and First Things.

Gifts for Men Who Work With Their Hands… and Heads

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I suspect that our ancestors were better prepared for Christmas than we tend to be. Unless you’re the sort of person who breathlessly anticipates the holy day, like we all did when we were kids, it has a way of coming up from behind and tapping you on the shoulder and startling you. That’s the [...]

What “Inside Out” Managed to Leave Out

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Pixar certainly has a winning formula. The movie studio seems to have found that little spot behind the collective ear that we like to have scratched. Its first 2015 release, Inside Out, follows the same inimitable story-telling recipe it served up to great applause with films such as Up, WALL-E, and Ratatouille. Pixar films are captivating—artfully done—without [...]

Christmas Gifts that Conserve from Old New England

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On election night, when the returns come in, folks around the country generally look upon the results from New England with a mixture of horror and puzzlement. Even though I have lived in New England most of my life I admit to looking at them in the same way. My feelings have something to [...]

Gaining Gravitas

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Until you can tell Junior, “I’m not your friend, I’m your father,” you’ll always be a lightweight. Now, some guys like to keep it that way; they like to keep it light. It keeps them from having to shoulder certain heavy responsibilities. I’m not saying these guys are completely irresponsible. Some of them are [...]

How the West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization

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How the West Really Lost God by Mary Eberstadt We can hope that Western civilization is in the early stages of awakening from a bad dream. Mary Eberstadt’s new book may help with that. It is more a stirring nudge than a blaring alarm—in part because it is an accessible work of social science, [...]

Jack, the Giant, and the Indigestible Bean: A Fable

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The Introduction to, The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House There were giants in the land in those days, but fewer people than there used to be. Now the giants were the typical sort—lumbering and hungry. But the people were very odd, most anyway. It wasn’t uncommon for a giant to reach right [...]

One Flesh and Other Household Mysteries

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Chapter 4 in The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House “And the two shall become one flesh.” You don’t hear that much anymore, and when you do it is written off as poetry. With the low regard for poetry these days that pretty much relegates it to something fit for a greeting card. When [...]

Christmas Gifts That are True, Good, and Truly Beautiful

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Imaginative conservatives flee from the mass mind, so you should expect their Christmas gifts to come from parts unknown. They haven’t run just to be different—heaven forbid. Being obsessed with being unprecedented is itself a symptom of the mass mind. Instead imaginative conservatives are always on the lookout for things that are true, good, [...]

The Economics of Love: The Real Economy

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Chapter Three in The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House The words love and economy rarely find their ways into the same sentence. Economics has been called the dismal science but people write songs about love. You don’t write songs about economics unless you’re writing a parody. When most people hear the word economy they think about money. That is [...]

The Bonds of Love

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Chapter Two in The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House A house, you can see with your eyes, comes with walls and a roof. The house I will teach you to build is made with love. That sounds really sappy, I know. Most people think love is a sunny disposition towards others, and, if [...]

Review of Religion for Atheists: A Nonbeliever’s Guide

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Religion for Atheists: A Nonbeliever’s Guide to the Uses of Religion by Alain de Botton. When I learned that Alain de Botton had written a book with the title, Religion for Atheists: A Nonbeliever’s Guide to the Uses of Religion I thought, why of course he has. I was introduced to de Botton through, The [...]

Notes to the Reader of the Young Man’s Guide to Building a House

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I am very hopeful about our long-term prospects, it is the near-term ones I’m worried about.  What’s the near-term?—the next few hundred years, give or take a century. Since the near-term is when my children and grandchildren will pass their lives I feel I should do something to help them. I’ve passed the half-life [...]

What’s the Best Survival Shelter?

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Chapter One in The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House Experts in this sort of thing tell us that there are three tasks you must perform in order to survive in the wilderness. They even give us some helpful deadlines—dead being brutally factual in this case. In ascending order here they are: you [...]