“A Dream within a Dream”

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Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow— You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less [...]

Poe, Dickens, Ravens, and the Madness of Nevermore

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There is something of the madman in every man. There is something of the sadist in every sinner. Is there something of ecstasy in every elegy? So it was with Edgar Allan Poe—and he called it Beauty. It often takes a poet—a poet like Poe—to exhume the mysterious depravity of people. As churchgoers lean [...]

“To The River”

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Fair river! in thy bright, clear flow Of crystal, wandering water, Thou art an emblem of the glow Of beauty, the unhidden heart, The playful maziness of art In old Alberto’s daughter; But when within thy wave she looks, Which glistens then, and trembles, Why, then, the prettiest of brooks Her worshiper resembles; For [...]

Let it Snow! Six Great Classical Musical Pieces about Winter

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As polar vortices descend upon the moderate climate zones, allow me to recommend to you, dear reader, six pieces of classical music that will warm your soul, as you curl up by the fire with a good book and a hot toddy. […]