Russell Kirk’s Ghostly Tales: Horror and Eternity

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Russell Kirk’s horror stories are fundamentally conservative, insinuating a chain of being that connects the living and the dead, reminding us of our duty and obligations to the past. They challenge us by piercing our day-to-day sense of the temporal with bright flashes of eternal order. And they lay upon us the heavy but joyous [...]

The October Country: A Place for Ghostly Tales

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Some of the best literature of the October Country ever written are ghostly tales. I’m not talking about horror tales, with blood and axes and maniacs. I’m talking about tales of moral judgement for the damned, and the best of these stories are the ghostly fictions of Russell Kirk… “…that country where it is [...]

An Introduction to the Short Stories of Russell Kirk: “Not Written for Children”

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As Russell Kirk recounted in “A Cautionary Note on the Ghostly Tale,” all ghost tales must have “some clear premise about the character of human existence–some theological premise” according to Gerald Head (402). Kirk certainly took this to heart when writing his numerous ghostly tales over some thirty-year period. Taken as a whole, the [...]

A Review of Russell Kirk’s Ancestral Shadows

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  Review of Russell Kirk, Ancestral Shadows: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales, ed. by Vigen Guroian In the early 1970s, Barbara Elliott, now an acclaimed Catholic lecturer and writer (Candles Behind the Wall; Street Saints), encountered the Other World in the ancestral home of Dr. Russell Kirk. In the middle of the night, a figure whispered [...]