A Postcard From Venice

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I had always thought it nonsense to believe in love at first sight. But that sophomoric conceit sank with that setting sun over the Venetian church spires that summer day in 1973. And with it was washed away that companion conceit that falling in love was something that could only happen between two humans… The [...]

Salvation and Sufficiency: A Lesson from Statistics

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In the world of statistics, sufficiency plays an important role in estimation. But what about sufficiency in other aspects of our lives? What about God? What about my eternal destiny? What is sufficient, here and now, to know all that I can know about my purpose in this world and my fate when my time [...]

Christopher Dawson and the Nature of Progress

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An understanding of progress and its adherents was not just of academic curiosity to Christopher Dawson. It was central to understanding the good life and preventing those who misunderstood history from gaining control and imposing the will of man upon the creation of God… “What has happened will happen again, and what has been [...]

Music and the Education of the Christian Soul

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In a world ringing with noise and suffused with the more or less artful idolizing of passions divorced from objective goods, where are we to find melodies capable of penetrating our hardened hearts with spiritual truths? In Plato’s Republic, Socrates leads a group of ambitious young Athenians on a search for the best way of [...]

God’s Gamble: Gethsemane, Free Will, & the Fate of Man

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Did God gamble everything in the Garden of Gethsemane, the second Adam facing a real, existential, and eternal choice of going through with the Father’s will or backing away from it? God’s Gamble: The Gravitational Power of  Crucified Love, by Gil Bailie (384 pages, Angelico Press, 2016) Few thinkers have stormed the post modern [...]

Russell Kirk’s Ghostly Tales: Horror and Eternity

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Russell Kirk’s horror stories are fundamentally conservative, insinuating a chain of being that connects the living and the dead, reminding us of our duty and obligations to the past. They challenge us by piercing our day-to-day sense of the temporal with bright flashes of eternal order. And they lay upon us the heavy but joyous [...]

The Nothingness of Hell and the Grandeur of Heaven

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“All Hell is smaller than one pebble of your earthly world: but it is smaller than one atom of this world, the Real World. Look at yon butterfly. If it swallowed all Hell, Hell would not be big enough to do it any harm or to have any taste”… Editor’s Note: In The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis writes [...]

Outside is the Night Infernal

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One thing in this world is different from all other. It has a personality and a force. It is recognised, and (when recognised) most violently loved or hated.  It is the Catholic Church. Within that household the human spirit has roof and hearth. Outside it, is the Night. —Essays of a Catholic by Hilaire Belloc (1931). [...]

John F. Kennedy & C. S. Lewis: Where Are They Now?

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At 5:30pm (UK Time) on November 22, 1963, C.S. Lewis collapsed in his home in Oxford after a long illness and died a few minutes later. At the same time, across the Atlantic, John F. Kennedy was landing at Dallas airport after the short flight from Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth. Within [...]

Auguries Of Innocence

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To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heav’n in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour. A robin redbreast in a cage Puts all heaven in a rage; A dove-house fill’d with doves and pigeons Shudders hell thro’ all its regions; [...]

God or Mammon: Choosing Christ in a World in Crisis

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No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. – Matthew 6:24 One of the biggest and most dangerous temptations that Christians face is the addiction to comfort. Our desire for comfort [...]

When Will They Believe in Hell?

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Someone once asked the famous mystic Padre Pio, what he thought of modern people who didn’t believe in hell. His blunt reply was, “They will believe in hell when they get there.” Must we believe in hell? Surely, when faced with Auschwitz, Hiroshima, the Boko Haram, and the barbarians of ISIS, the question should [...]

Holy Sorrow

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When after sleeping in the day I wake And find my parents are not there I grieve The time that passes by like stars above Whose movement is the movement of the earth When at the turning of the year just like The turning of the leaves when nights draw in And thoughts of [...]