Gifts for Imaginative Conservatives: The Joy of Reading

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My six gift ideas are all recently published books, if only because I will always take books under the Christmas tree over socks, ties, and video games, no matter how trendy the latter might be. The Complete Thinker: The Marvelous Mind of G. K. Chesterton (Ignatius Press, 2012) by Dale Ahlquist. If there is a better [...]

Has Democracy Died?

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Chilton Williamson, Jr. is a prolific author of both fiction and non-fiction who has worked as an editor for St. Martin’s Press, National Review, and, since 1989, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, published by the Rockford Institute. His most recent book is After Tocqueville: The Promise and Failure of Democracy(ISI, 2012), which John Willson, professor [...]

Rediscovering Christopher Dawson | An Interview with Dr. Bradley J. Birzer

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In the mid-twentieth century, English historian Christopher Dawson (1889-1970) was widely considered to be one of the finest Catholic scholars in the English-speaking world. Today his name and work is largely unknown, even among Catholics. But that is beginning to change as Dawson is being discovered and recovered by a number of writers and historians. [...]

Charles Carroll, the Catholic Founder: An Interview with Dr. Bradley J. Birzer

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by Carl Olson Dr. Bradley J. Birzer is the author of Sanctifying the World: The Augustinian Life and Mind of Christopher Dawson and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Sanctifying Myth. In this interview he talks with Carl E. Olson, editor of Ignatius Insight, about his most recent book, American Cicero: The Life of Charles Carroll. Ignatius Insight: Why a book about Charles [...]

With Both Barrels: Archbishop Dolan, Muslims, Confusion; Steve Jobs; Ludwig V. Mises; Olson; and Steckbeck

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Ludwig von Mises Mixed news coming from the Big Apple this morning. Though the Yankees handily defeated the Tigers, the New York Times reports that Catholic Archbishop Dolan of New York, while speaking at a homeless shelter, defended the Islamic building of a mosque near the former WTC. “Archbishop Dolan invoked the example [...]

From Both Barrels: Gregg, the Pixar Touch, Pogo, and Olson

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Forgive the scattershot tendencies and directions of this essay. Just lots of short items written quickly from my hotel room in downtown Portland, just blocks from Powells (which I’ve yet to visit). A few book recommendations I’m currently reading Sam Gregg’s new book, Wilhelm Roepke’s Political Economy. Written in a more academic but equally engaging style [...]

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