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W. Winston Elliott III is Publisher of The Imaginative Conservative, Editor of Imaginative Conservative Books, and President of The Free Enterprise Institute. The Free Enterprise Institute forms conservative leaders through the study of the history and principles of the American Republic and its roots in Western Civilization. Prior to joining the Institute as President in 1992, Mr. Elliott had served on the Institute’s Board of Advisory Trustees since 1984. In 1983, Mr. Elliott founded Elliott and Craft Corporation. He served as President of this computer services company until 1991. Mr. Elliott earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Washington College in 1982. In 1991, he was awarded a Masters of Business Administration, with Honors, from the University of Houston. Additionally, he did graduate theological studies at the University of St. Thomas School of Theology.  He is a member of the Board of Wyoming Catholic College. Mr. Elliott is a member of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters, and the Philadelphia Society.

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