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St. Josemaria

St. Josemaria

For Catholics, the iPad just became a bit holier.

No, Steve Jobs said nothing new about hating pornography (go, Steve, go!) and loving his children.

Yesterday, Jorge Panayotti released “St. Josemaria for iPad” ($14.99). A part of EB Solutions’s “Catholic Applications,” the St. Josemaria app is quite beautiful and useful.

This app includes The Way, Furrow, The Forge, Christ is Passing By, and, my favorite, Friends of God. A number of prayers and prayer aids come with the app as well.

Frankly, this seems to be exactly what Catholics should be doing with new technology. Indeed, EB Solutions is providing a model of what we should do—through Grace—to sanctify the products of the world and of man.

EB Solutions also produces the “Holy Rosary Deluxe,” “Divine Mercy,” and “Angelus Deluxe” apps.

For information, click here.

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  1. Brad, Great that you mentioned this new IPad App, but I remember when Winston purchased the IPhone App, he could not wait to have another avenue to read St. Josemaria's writings. Both are excellent for Catholics living their faith in the world.

    For those who do not know of St. Josemaria, I recommend visiting

    Also, one of the unique functions of the St. Josemaria App on both the IPad and IPhone is the plan of life…for most people their lives are busy and when can you think of prayer or God in the middle of a work day…the plan life assists one to integrate your prayer in all that you do, all day, everyday, wherever you may be…Thanks for sharing this latest news.

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