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Winston Elliott, III

As many of you might very well know, today is the birthday of The Imaginative Conservative founder and editor, Winston Elliott III.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Winston for almost two decades now. Winston is a man of tenacious intellect and relentless integrity. There are also few men living today who are better read than Winston. But, there’s one quality that Winston holds in glorious possession—the virtue of loyalty. No man is more fiercely loyal than Winston.

Winston, thank you for everything.

I’ve been so blessed—as have many others—that God chose to have us walk the same path on this earth at the same moment in history.

Thank you for defending all that is good, true, and beautiful.

And, Happy Birthday.

Yours, fondly, Brad

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  1. Also the feast day of St William Freeman. And then you have Maximilian Kolbe and Our Lady's Assumption. Who wouldn't like that?
    Happy belated birthday.

    St William Freeman
    Feastday: August 13
    English martyr. Born in East Riding, Yorkshire, he studied at Oxford and was converted to Catholicism in 1586 by the martyrdom of Blessed Edward Stransahm at Tyburn. He went to Reims, France, where he was ordained in 1587. He went back to England the following year, and labored for the English mission in Worcestershire and Warwickshire until arrested in early 1595. Seven months later he was hanged, drawn, and quartered at Warwick on August 13. William was beatified in 1929.

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