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Joseph Pearce

Welcome to our new Senior Contributor, Joseph Pearce. Mr. Pearce is writer in residence at Thomas More College in New Hampshire and the author of eighteen books. His works include: G.K. Chesterton: Wisdom and Innocence, Literary Converts, Tolkien: Man and Myth, Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile, The Quest for Shakespeare, Small is Still Beautiful: Economics as if Families Mattered and Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc. Mr. Pearce has four new books due to be published fall 2013. He is the series editor of the Ignatius Critical Editions, which focuses on traditional readings of the classics of world literature; he is also executive director of Catholic Courses, and editor of the St. Austin Review. Mr. Pearce has hosted two thirteen-part television series for EWTN on Shakespeare’s Catholicism, and is in the midst of filming special documentaries for EWTN on Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings.

Books by Joseph Pearce are available from The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore.

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