Stephen KlugewiczThe Imaginative Conservative is pleased to announce that Stephen Klugewicz has joined its staff as Editor.

Dr. Klugewicz  previously served as president of Franklin’s Opus, as headmaster of Regina Luminis Academy, as director of education at the National Constitution Center, and as executive director of the Collegiate Network. He is the co-editor of History, on Proper Principles: Essays in Honor of Forrest McDonald and Founders and the Constitution: In Their Own Words. Dr. Klugewicz has been a Senior Contributor to The Imaginative Conservative since its founding and has written on such diverse subjects as classical music, early American history, and, as he terms it, “Mr. Lincoln’s War.” His essays may be found here.

Of his new position, Dr. Klugewicz comments:

“It is truly an honor to serve as editor of a journal that, in its relatively young life, has already established itself as one of the premier voices of modern intellectual conservatism. I look forward to working with The Imaginative Conservative’s editor-in-chief, Winston Elliott, my friend, and with our outstanding senior contributors, who represent the best of conservative though on history, culture, philosophy, and political life.

The Imaginative Conservative is privileged to have Dr. Klugewicz serve as its editor and looks forward to continuing its tradition of presenting the greatest in conservative thought about the good, the true, and the beautiful.

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