you throw like a girlThe feminist movement may have been started by women with legitimate gripes but it has become reactionary to the point of the absurd. Early on as the movement began to pick up steam it meandered into an ill-advised liaison with Marxism. Licentious cohabitation yielded a hideous progeny, a hydra we call “radical feminism.” The radical feminist agenda is to destroy God’s distinction between the male and female sexes while proclaiming with demonic authority that “gender” roles are social constructs. Radical feminists make the absurd claim that men and women are and ought to be equal in every respect. To believe this is to be senseless. But seeing as how we live in a senseless age, this senselessness has a wide appeal. We have reached such ridiculous heights of folly concerning feminism that all those born with XY chromosomes have to walk on eggshells not to offend those born with XX chromosomes when it comes to notions of equality.

It is true that men and women are equal in their intrinsic dignity and worth in the eyes of God, but there equality ends. Men and women are not equal; they are different, obviously so, measurably so, visibly so, and beautifully so. Nowhere is the difference between men and women more apparent than in the area of athletics. Men and women are simply built differently: Men in general are stronger, faster, and more agile on the sports field. That is the way it is.

The company Always, which manufactures feminine products, has put out a pathological masterpiece of feminist propaganda in this video. It is a gut-wrenching assertion that “violence” is done to pubescent girls by the wide-ranging implications of the “chauvinistic” slur, “you throw like a girl.” The video is steeped in pathological platitudes and undergirded by the false assumption of equality between the sexes–a false assumption which beautifully lends itself to the oppressor/oppressed dichotomy. This vile video would have its audience believe that girls are oppressed by any man who would utter the insult, “you throw like a girl.”

For time immemorial man has been prodding his brother onwards and upwards with the insult, “you throw like a girl.” One of the first questions Always asks its audience is “when did doing something like a girl become an insult?” Always uses the particular case of doing athletics “like a girl” and then draws the general conclusion that saying that someone does something like a girl is an insult. Well it is an insult, but not to girls, unless one is operating under the false assumption that boys and girls are equal and that they do in fact throw with the same ability. What makes “throw like a girl” funny is that in general, boys do throw a ball better than girls. It is an incongruence that humorously insults a male companion.

Along similar lines, girls and boys walk differently, eat differently, and generally smell differently. If girls tell their girlfriend that she “walks like a man,” or “eats like a man,” or “smells like a man,” then surely she will be insulted. However, because everyone knows that in these three areas men and women are different, no man would be insulted by such comments. To be insulted would indicate a hypersensitivity or even an alarming egocentrism.

The feminist movement is arrogantly and angrily screaming at a scapegoat. Man is not the creator; the Creator is the creator. If feminists do not like the created order they should take it up with God, not take it out on innocent men. Yet the feminists at Always are relentless. They take offense to comments not even directed at them and then claim that “a girl’s confidence plummets during puberty.” Even if this is true, what does this have to do with guys making comments to other guys? The radical feminists want speech codes to propagate further disorder and misunderstandings between the sexes, especially concerning their notions of equality.

It is a bad idea to submit to speech codes required by the purveyors of political correctness and worse still to acquiesce to the radical feminists. One of the glaring problems with speech codes in general is that they claim an exaggerated offense to buttress the status of the “oppressed.” Certainly there are things that ought not to be said because they are genuinely an offense to truth, God, and man. But taking offense at such a line as “you throw like a girl” is a grand irony. “You throw like a girl” is not an offense to women, but just to be sure, perhaps we can subject the line to the morality test.

To determine if an act is moral it must meet three conditions. One, the act must be a right act. Two, it must be in the right context. And three, it must have the right intention. First of all, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with telling someone they throw like a girl, especially if they do. If the radical feminists are right and boys and girls are equal, then there ought to be no slight. If they are wrong, then why would telling someone who is not a girl that they “throw like a girl” be an insult to girls?

There is nothing intrinsically morally wrong with observing and telling someone they throw like a girl if one is conveying a truth. Still, we must consider the context. Normally, while playing ball a guy may make a weak or bad throw, and in that context his buddies tease him by saying “you throw like a girl.”

If the intention is purely for humor’s sake or as a humorous way of prodding a friend to a higher level of achievement, it might in the final analysis be licit. A moralist could object on the grounds that the intention is disordered. Surely it is not the nicest thing to say and that would require some introspection on the part of the one giving the insult. Even if by some degree the supposed slur is immoral to say, there is no reasonable way a woman or a girl ought to take offense to this thing said to a male by a male.

At the end of Always’ video, the undergirding intentions of the feminists who produced it are clear. They champion the slogan “Rewrite the Rules.” This is simply Sir Francis Bacon’s terrible exhortation to conquer nature by applied science, and additionally in the case of Always, by social pressure, shaming, and the plea for a false equality.

If we recognize the inherent dignity of both male and female, we will desist from the madness being foisted upon us by angry and misguided feminists backed by the makers of feminine hygiene products. Throwing a ball well is best done by men. Where is the crime in observing and stating the obvious? There are many things women do better than men, but why the spitting contest? Women would be better off returning to their rightful and rightfully-ordered feminine virtues and allowing men to cultivate the manly virtues free from the kind of madness the feminists would impose upon an already troubled society.

Whatever the moral implications of men telling other men on the sports field that they “throw like a girl,” it is a distortion to suggest that this phrase causes so much offense to girls that men ought to be forbidden to say it. The injury in this saying is not to pubescent girls and their confidence. The suggestion of a speech code is a disingenuous cry to camouflage the truth that the radical feminists want to destroy the differences between the sexes–and thus God’s plan for the ordering of the family and society.

One might rightfully object that the issue of the insult, “you throw like a girl,” is not a big enough deal to even raise; to the contrary, it is the camel’s nose under the tent. The radical feminists are engaged in a power struggle with men. In the well-ordered society, the sexes are complementary. Far from competing for power, good men and woman ought to serve each other by the gift of self-donation, and thus the good society will grow out of well-ordered and virtuous families. Let us reject the equality feminists’ agenda so basely portrayed by the Always video. Our civilization indeed depends on it.

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