If the mainstream media continue to be deceitful about the travel ban and other presidential orders, Americans who heretofore have sat on the fence in regard to President Trump will start to slip down from that fence and sidle over to him in sympathy…

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.27.08 PMOne assumes that to get a job as a journalist a person must be fairly intelligent, perceptive, and critical. One assumes wrongly. It would seem that the mainstream media journalists have learned nothing from the disastrous defeat of their hero Hillary.

One of the most revealing things about the 2016 election was that the mainstream media was revealed, more than ever, as the propaganda machine of the progressive left. Oh my, how they tried to manipulate the populace with their endless “polls” showing that Mrs. Clinton would win by a landslide. How they whitewashed her crimes, downplayed her corruption, and ignored her lies. In the end their own duplicity and deceit was exposed.

To be blunt, the American people don’t believe them. For decades they gave them the benefit of the doubt, but now there is no benefit—only doubt. Still they lie and twist the truth like a second grader caught in a fib who makes up ever more outrageous lies to cover himself until the principal can’t help smiling with amusement.

Those who have taken any interest in my political opinions will know that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I am one of those conservatives who happened to think that a thrice-married playboy who runs casinos and strip joints was not exactly the best choice for the highest office in the land. Those who are more enthusiastic about the populist president will forgive me for not being impressed with a candidate who “doesn’t read,” a man who claims to be a Christian yet doesn’t believe he has ever done anything to be sorry for, and a shady billionaire with a penchant for egomania. I can’t help feeling that this man being the standard bearer of the conservative movement and the leader of the free world is a laughable humiliation of our country on a historic scale.

On the other hand, the Lord can use anyone as a tool. It is possible that a proud man may be humbled and a bad man might do some good. Since Mr. Trump’s election I have been willing to watch and wait, hold my breath, hold my fire, and hold my judgement. His moves against abortion have won my admiration, and maybe we can hope for better things to come.

The “Never Trump” conservatives might blame President Trump for being dumb, but the journalists are dumber. The case in point is Mr. Trump’s recent immigration edict. His executive order bans entry into the United States from seven countries that have terrorist elements that have openly declared violent intent against the United States. The ban is for ninety days while the officials tighten up screening procedures. The order also tightens security on those applying for refugee status. Objective critics have noticed that Trump’s executive order is not so different from restrictions enforced during President Obama’s tenure.

Rather than reporting this in an objective manner, the propagandists of the left have blown all the sirens and called out weeping congressmen and angry protesters. Calling the immigration restrictions “Trump’s Muslim Ban” is not only alarmist. It is simply false. The restrictions do not bar anyone according to their religion; if so, the restrictions would apply to people from all Muslim countries. In fact residents of most of the predominantly Muslim countries are not included in the ban: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and others are not mentioned.

The mainstream media’s hysteria over this executive order by calling it “Trump’s Muslim Ban” is idiotic and self-defeating. Anyone who stops and considers the facts will realize the headlines are a lie, and rather than stoke up opposition to the Trump they love to hate, the media will only feed the doubt the public already have about their trustworthiness. Consequently an increasing number of people will start believing the Trump team’s constant assertions that the mainstream media are sophomoric shills for the decadent and declining left.

The more the coastal elite in America continue their campaign of propaganda and disinformation, the more they will fire bullet after bullet into their own feet, and eventually the mishandling of their media machine-gun will end up not with bullets in their feet, but in their noggin. They should, by all means, be intelligently critical of the Trump administration, but dealing in hysterical headlines and sentimental subterfuge will get them nowhere.

A large number of Americans either held their nose and voted for Mr. Trump, or stayed home and hid their eyes, not being able to vote for either him or Mrs. Clinton. Now that Mr. Trump is their president, like me, they have adopted a wait-and-see position. If the mainstream media continue to be deceitful and dumb, these Americans will start to slip down from the fence and sidle over to President Trump in sympathy.

They won’t put Trump stickers on their bumpers, and they won’t plant his signs in their yard, but four years from now they will re-elect him or his successor in a landslide.

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  1. I agree we need to wait and see what the President will do. We do not need to wait and see what the press will do. We know. I have better uses for my time than wasting it watching the self-debased main stream media.
    A great use of time is the “The Imaginative Conservative” and the thoughtful writers’ essays. Thank you I.C.

  2. I find it interesting that a religion based on violence and war, one that still maintains its atavistic tendencies, tendencies that go back to the eighth century, receives a better press than Trump, or for that matter other people on the Right. There must be something that attracts these people, something about destruction and war that attracts our debased media and the various sources and individuals who always find time to assault our institutions, a death wish compulsion for the West?
    Where’s Freud when you need him?

  3. Wait and see, to be sure. But I am amused at all the writhing and reeling (Jeeves, the smelling salts!) going on in the “democratic left”. Just this morning, I hear on NPR that the Superbowl has a “political component”. Really? Are they kidding? Or clueless?

    It may, perhaps, be time to revive an old tag and start calling them “Bourbon Democrats”. For, as Talleyrand allegedly said of the original Bourbons, “They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”

    And that seems to fit the modern bunch to a Tee Shirt.

  4. Glad to see Father is at least warming up slightly to President Trump. I too have had my issues with him, but I voted him and I’m glad. After all, Hillary was not even a remote possibility. But boy have I been pleasantly surprised. Trump may have had the best transition to the office ever and his first few weeks have been a joy. His nomination of Gorsuch last night was spectacular. The Lord can use anyone!!!!

  5. ”Bourbon Democrats” is good. ”Old Regime” might work, too, and a shirt with either of these terms with a slash across might reward some aspiring entrepreneur, as well as boost the morale of the troops.

  6. President Trump may not be ‘Presidential’ and I disagree with many of his statements/positions but he is an expert at trolling the media…and the media seems witless about it, or they simply cannot control their primal urge to slander the man endlessly. Either way, it is great theater and I have never had more pleasure watching CNN and MSNBC

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