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It is not about right and left but about right and wrong, and those who see politics in terms of right and wrong, and not in terms of right and left, will see parallels between the contempt of the anti-Semite towards the dignity of the human person and the contempt of the pro-abortionist towards the dignity of the unborn child…

One of the problems with modern politics is that everything is expressed in terms of right and left, and everyone seems to have forgotten about right and wrong. Thus, for instance, white supremacists are considered to be on the far right, whereas Antifa activists are considered to be on the far left. You’d think, therefore, that they couldn’t be further apart in terms of their respective beliefs. And yet if love of one’s neighbor is considered good and hatred of one’s neighbor is considered bad, the white supremacists and the Antifa activists are both equally bad. They are full of hatred for those whom they consider to be their enemies and are not averse to using violence to get their way.

Looking at the lessons of the past, which the white supremacists and Antifa activists seem intent on ignoring, we might think of Hitlerite Nazis as being on the far right and Stalinist communists as being on the far left. And yet both sets of extremists ruled their respective peoples with an iron fist and incarcerated millions of dissidents in concentrations camps. If one is a victim of political tyranny, it matters little if the jackboot that crushes you is on the left foot or the right foot. It is, therefore, not about right and left but about right and wrong.

This should be borne in mind as we survey the fall-out from the shootings in the Pittsburgh synagogue. The perpetrator of this act of terrorism has no concept of the dignity of the human person. The people whom he gunned down were not directly responsible for any crimes of which he might have considered the Jews as a collective group to be guilty. Their individual guilt or innocence mattered not. They were Jews and that was all that mattered. They were not his neighbours, even if they lived in his neighbourhood. They were his enemies. They were not human persons made in the image of God. They were Jews, which disqualified them from being treated as human beings.

Those who see politics in terms of right and wrong, and not in terms of right and left, will see parallels between the contempt of the anti-Semite towards the dignity of the human person and the contempt of the pro-abortionist towards the dignity of the unborn child. They might also point out the connection between the founder of Planned Parenthood and the Nazi Party.

Back in the dark days of the Third Reich, the Nazi Government began to forcibly sterilize non-white children as part of a program of racial purification inspired by the rise of the eugenics movement, which was growing in popularity worldwide, not least in the United States, where Margaret Sanger, as a leading member of the American Eugenics Society and a founding member of the American Birth Control League, forerunner of Planned Parenthood, preached and sought to practice the same sort of racial purification programs as those practiced by the Nazis. As editor of Birth Control Review, Sanger published headlines such as “More Children for the Fit. Less for the Unfit.” As for whom she considered to be the unfit, she was happy to proclaim it from the housetops with brazen chutzpah: “Hebrews, Slavs, Catholics, and Negroes.” She deliberately set up her first birth control clinics in immigrant neighbourhoods and openly advocated that those considered “unfit” should be made to apply to the government for permission to have children “as immigrants have to apply for visas.” Considering Sanger’s position, it is not surprising that Nazi scientists from Germany were invited to publish articles in the Birth Control Review that she edited, nor that members of Sanger’s American Birth Control League visited Nazi Germany and sat in on sessions of the Supreme Eugenics Court, returning to the United States with glowing reports of how the Sterilization Law was “weeding out the worst strains in the Germanic stock in a scientific and truly humanitarian way.”

Nor was it only a question of race. The Nazis also systematically exterminated children with Down syndrome, regardless of their race. In similar fashion and with the same crassly inhuman spirit, children with Down syndrome are being systematically exterminated in the womb in almost every so-called “developed” nation. In the United States, Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of this genocide.

The government of Iceland even boasted that it had eradicated Down syndrome completely through the simple expedient of exterminating every child who had it. This “final solution” to the problem of Down’s was lauded by the Icelandic government as proof of its progressive credentials.

No, it’s not about right and left, whatever that really means. It’s about right and wrong. Those who kill innocent people, refusing to see them as human persons, are wrong, whether they are anti-Semites or pro-abortionists. We should all be sickened by the contempt for human life shown by the man who gunned down worshippers at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, but we should be equally sickened by those who kill babies in abortion mills in every city across the nation.

Republished with gracious permission from the National Catholic Register (October 2018).

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Editor’s Note: The featured image is “A Baby’s Feet” by Janko Ferlič, courtesy of Unsplash

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  1. I’ve remarked before that one thing feminists (feminazis?) have in common with pro slavery forces of the past is how they both dehumanize their victims to justify their actions. But, when this is pointed out, the feminists just don’t care. Being pro-abortion is such an important part of their identity that they simply refuse to admit to being wrong in any way. Indeed, their arrogance is downright astonishing!

  2. Very well stated.
    Pro-life and pro-death positions are mutually exclusive and therefore it is not surprising that our western culture is perhaps irrevocably divided and that gap is ever widening. There is no compromise between killing and non-killing. It is about right vs. wrong.
    The pro-death people show their underlying nature in that their victims of choice are the defenseless; the unborn, the weak, the elderly, the ill etc. Their self-arrogance speaks for itself in their choice of victims as does their “rationale” of their position.

  3. “A nation that murders its own babies has no future.”
    (Pope John Paul II)
    By the way, through all history of mankind, this has been able to produce double its need for food, hence there never was and is not overpopulation on good Earth, but no social-economical system is perfect, and probabaly, abortion makes for even greater social injustice, making poverty worse, not less.

  4. In Denmark, as in Western Europe, but perhaps not yet in the United States of America, abortion is a fact that is here to stay for a very long time. We have become addicted to abortion, since our well fare state can not economically afford the investment to care for its children. And this is also economical suicide, apart from it being genosuicide. If the world has also become addicted to fossil fuels, the technological way out is perhaps nuclear power. With our addiction to abortion, however, the way out is far more complicated, not technological, but moral and cultural, as we need to rethink our private lifes as well as our social laws. Perhaps the catholic church could try to reach out with a conditional approval of contraception, since this as a lesser evil, and if not abused without conscience, can perhaps prevent such greater evils as adultery, abortion, AIDS, and divorce. Such a conditional approval of contraception, to prevent greater evils, views contraception as medicine for gradually helping the sexually sick, but of course, every medicine can be abused. Perhaps clever compromise can open the wall between conservatives and liberals. Be it said that social addiction to abortion is by far worse than economical addiction to fossil fuels. Ours century is confused. Introspectively, thirty years ago, aged fifteen, I joined the Conservative Youth Party, but without Christendom, conservatism did not make sense, so I soon entered the social liberal political world, believing in the utopia. Attempts to return to the Conservative Party, from time to another, have failed. Its leader in Denmark is now an atheist in a same sex marriage, and the party condones abortion, as do all parties in Parliament. It was only with The Imaginative Conservative newsletter that I returned to this standpoint. Redeem the time, redeem the dream.

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