(USA) — In recent days, Americans across the country have become worried about people they have never seen before walking through the streets of their towns. “It’s frightening, really,” says Joe Harkins of Dothan, Alabama. “They are sometimes walking in pairs, sometimes in groups with what appear to be their young offspring, even by themselves occasionally. I don’t know where they are coming from. I’ve sure never seen them around these parts before.”

“I don’t think they’re undead,” reports Belinda Jenkins of Exton, Pennsylvania. “I mean, they look like normal humans. Maybe their eyes are a little strange—almost like they haven’t seen daylight in some time and have been holed up somewhere—but aside from that, they appear to be like you and me.”

“We’re just not used to anyone here using the sidewalks,” adds Norma Phillips of Bakersfield, California. “Our neighbors spend all their time inside their houses on their phones and laptops and smart TVs. Hardly know any of their names, really. You’d have more of a chance catching a glimpse of Bigfoot than any of them.”

“No idea who these people walking around are.”

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