(Providence, RI) — In the wake of Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s issuance today of an order to have New Yorkers in her state arrested in order to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, an instant poll by the Pew Research Company shows that 79% of Americans had already supported the concept of locking up escaped New Yorkers.

“I thought that law had been in place since at least the Carter Administration,” said Sarah Travers of Spillville, Iowa. “They’ve never been allowed to wander around the country indiscriminately, have they?”

Commented Deputy Bo Hutchinson of the Henry County, Georgia Sheriff’s Department. “We sure as heck arrest any of those people we find down here. Oh, we just keep them in the slammer a few days, and maybe we are a little rough with them—letting them bump their heads as they get in the squad car, and such—but it’s all just to scare them into not coming thisaway ever again.”

When told that the measure to keep New Yorkers within the the confines of their own state was a new initiative to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Mitch Hopkins of Duluth, Minnesota said,  “Well, it ought to be a permanent federal statute anyway, or even a formal amendment to the Constitution.”

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