As the globalist agenda, pursued by an unholy alliance of super-rich plutocrats and their Marxist dupes, continues to unravel, it is likely that Hungary and its healthy response to cultural suicide might be destined to have the last laugh.

Amid the madness and hysteria besieging the United States and many countries in western Europe, the sanity and common sense emanating from Hungary comes as a breath of fresh air. “Liberal imperialism reigns in western Europe,” Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, said last week, “and they are trying to force their worldview on countries that think differently.”

Mr. Orbán was speaking in the wake of a recent ruling by the European Union that outlawed Hungarian regulations requiring financial transparency by NGOs funded by George Soros and other overseas donors. This latest corrupt intervention by the EU into the sovereign affairs of Hungary means that globalist plutocrats, such as Mr. Soros, can continue to fund Marxist and radical relativist subversion within Hungary without disclosing the nature and extent of the funding or the organizations benefiting from it. It is the protection of subversion by subterfuge by the imperial power of the dogmatically liberal EU against the best interests of Hungary, and the will and the wishes of its people. “Transparency is a value that a government rightly sets as a goal,” Mr. Orbán said, “and the Hungarian people decided well when they supported it in the national consultation. Those who participate in political life and want to influence thinking need equal transparency…. There can be no stricter rule for political parties than for organizations that influence political thinking; you need to know exactly who is investing, where they are investing, and how much money they are putting into organizations and politics.”

In the light of Mr. Orbán’s call for honesty and financial integrity in politics, the EU’s ruling can be seen as nothing but plutocratic imperialism riding roughshod over the principles of freedom, democracy, and subsidiarity so that super-rich globalist financiers can undermine national sovereignty and traditional morality in pursuit of the globalist agenda. “American Democrats and often international courts are also involved in this,” Mr. Orbán continued, connecting the EU’s imperialism with its allies in what might be called the Globalist International. “There is an organizing power in the background; it is easy to find its connection to the Soros network.”

Mr. Orbán spoke of an “international trend in politics which is aimed at weakening and eliminating national governments and nations, and bundling them into some imperial order.” This globalist imperialism was pursued by the governments of many states in the liberal west, “but also by supranational global organisations” which are “operated by business people and money people who finance this scheme and who see themselves as supranational entities.”

To these liberal globalist elites, Mr. Orbán’s national conservative government is anathema, pursuing policies which undermine the globalist agenda. His government has refused to accept the large “quota” of mostly Moslem immigrants that the European Union has sought to impose upon the people of Hungary, and he has outraged the elites still further with his resolute refusal to bend the knee before the Pride movement and its war on the traditional family. While the war on the family continues to wreak havoc in the United States and the countries of western Europe, Hungary has pursued a pro-family agenda which is reaping a bountiful harvest. The country has seen an astonishing 5.5 percent increase in birth-rate in the first four months of this year, a direct consequence of the pro-family legislation passed in 2019, as well as a 50 percent increase in the number of marriages. This resurrection of the traditional family has been helped by the government’s proactive pro-family policies, such as a grant of around $35,000, for married couples who have at least three children.

Mr. Orbán believes that these pro-family policies, aimed at increasing Hungary’s birthrate, is a much more socially and culturally healthy way of coping with Europe’s demographic implosion than the socially and culturally destructive alternative of mass immigration, which has been the path adopted by those countries which have conformed to the globalist elite’s agenda. “Demographic crisis must be solved by powerful state efforts, we must have a demography-focused policy-making,” Mr. Orbán declared last year. He added, in words which would infuriate the anti-family Pride advocates, that “when we talk about family and family subsidies, we support traditional families.” The alternative is national suicide and cultural meltdown, as a spokesman for the Hungarian government told Breitbart London last year: “Europe is at a crossroads. Western Europe seeks to address the problem of demography with simple solutions which only offer short-term success, but convey catastrophic consequences in the long run. What we need is not numbers, but Hungarian children: we’re not seeking to sustain an economic system, but Hungary, the Hungarian nation and Hungarian history; we want to encourage the continuation of our families.”

The “catastrophic consequences” of the short-term or quick fix solution of mass immigration were seen in the riots last week between rival Chechen and Algerian immigrant gangs in Dijon in France, the news coverage of which was largely suppressed in western Europe and the United States but was reported widely in central and eastern Europe. This follows a wave of riots across France in recent months centered on immigrant areas that have become largely no-go areas for the police. Alluding to the “gang wars being fought in the streets of the beautiful small towns of Western European countries,” Mr. Orbán remarked that the globalist elite’s “multiculturalist” ideology was not for his country. “I take a look at the countries which keep sending us messages about how to live our lives correctly, and how to govern and to operate a democracy well, and I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry.”

As the globalist agenda, pursued by an unholy alliance of super-rich plutocrats and their Marxist dupes, continues to unravel, it is likely that Hungary and its healthy response to cultural suicide might be destined to have the last laugh.

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