(Tacoma, WA)—Bill Gleason is trying to figure out how to use the recent death of a sports star, to whom he previously paid little attention, to draw attention to himself on social media.

“Of course, I’m simply going to start with an ‘I’m devastated’ post, so people know how much this is affecting ME,” Mr. Gleason explained. “But then I’ll move on to another post in which I recall high-fiving him before a game in 2009, when he also looked me in the eye and a droplet of his sweat landed on my right cheek. OK, actually, his pinkie just grazed the tip of my ring finger as we trying to high-five the guy behind me… and I think it was a drop of the guy-behind-me’s beer that hit my cheek… but still, it was a special moment for me that few other people have experienced.”

At the time that this report was filed, Mr. Gleason was double-checking to see that he spelled the sports star’s name correctly on his thirteen Facebook posts.

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