(WORLD) — Users across various social media platforms were shocked today to learn of the death of 89-year-old Manfred Krauss, the renowned German film director, whose credits include dozens of films, including 1958’s The Leper, 1972’s Peregrinations, and 1991’s Oscar-nominated The Nursemaid’s Lament. Krauss had been engaged in a well-publicized battle with lung cancer for several years.

“Terrible news!” posted Twitter user Nate McCarthy. “I can’t believe this has happened!”

“So sad,” wrote Emilia Kendrick on her Facebook page of the director, who had retired in 2009 due to failing health. “He had so much more to give to the world. :-(“

“Awful, just awful,” member Tony Ramirez commented on LinkedIn. “This must be how people felt when Mozart died. A life cut short for sure.”

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