Ancient stooped concentration and raw burdened shoulders
Endlessly heavy with the world
Of thought—a modern mythological titan
Who bears the hamartia of
Infinite contemplation, not finite matter.

A cold blast at his back
And rattle of bones unheard.
Rough hewn muscles drenched in fierce fever flesh,
Yet the veins run with bitter bronze.
Mass of untransformed material—observes the adolescent Austrian poet.

Epic undesired ruminations
Materialize before my eyes.
Captured ephemerality casts shadows
On his complexion as the strained
Gaze proves more threatening than midnight.

Anonymous Man, enlighten all
With your slouching thought
That wrestles contour beastly and strips moderation bleakly:
I think, therefore I am.
And the darkness drops again.

That frozen abstraction defies time and space
Unraveling all mathematical theories.
And yet, and yet the tortured mind continues to twist
Into tightening gyres stifled in stagnancy.
This is not paradise as prophesied; the cogitation cannot hold.

Apart things have fallen…
Unheroic incurve returning to
Embryonic curl and holy templed hands to liable clenched fist.
Obliviation of heretical dreamer that dangerous thinker.
The words of the factual French creator widen within:

Who can believe in progress?
We should long ago have been gods
If the theory of indefinite progress were true.
At last, above blood and body and brain
A truth reigns unthought billowing in light limitless harmony.

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