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Mark S. Milburn

Mark S. Milburn
Mark S. Milburn is a mid-Western businessman, who holds a M.A. in Philosophy.
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It is as if our tattooed millennials are trying to make themselves sacred creatures fallen to earth: beings who wear the secrets of the universe—known to the few—on their thighs, on their arms. They are gnostics trapped in narcissism... Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords our...
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We have debts to each other. Debts unto death. Debts that survive every desecration. Debts that knit a common world, a common life... I’m at Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery where vandals have...
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Here’s something a sixty-three year old man thinks about. Once, girls in their summer dresses filled the sidewalks each June. Their bare arms and shoulders would flash out of halter straps and their legs would strut past...