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After study at Harvard, Oxford, and Yale, and a long time teaching, literature, philosophy, and statesmanship, in American, at Dartmouth, University of Dallas, and George Wythe and in Europe at Heidelberg, Dr. Michael Platt continues the same, via the internet, with his Friends of the Republic Seminar. His discourse, Mighty Opposites: Machiavelli and Shakespeare Converse on the Histories will appear soon, and after it, Seven Wonders of Shakespeare (St. Augustine Press). You can reach him at: drmichaelplatt1942@gmail.com

Love in Time of Plague: Manzoni’s “The Betrothed”

By |2020-04-24T12:41:36-05:00April 21st, 2020|Categories: Books, Character, Coronavirus, Imagination, Literature, Morality, Virtue|

No book shows how little we care to find out the truth, how little we know ourselves, how even less we know others, how rumor, prejudice, and illusion, rule our world as Alessandro Manzoni’s "The Betrothed." Set in Lombardy in the 17th century, it covers the whole horror of a plague in whose deadly grip [...]

The Use and Abuse of Shakespeare in Our Recent Election

By |2017-02-16T23:08:01-06:00February 16th, 2017|Categories: Culture, Politics, Presidency, William Shakespeare|

What William Shakespeare would think of our recent election will never be discovered by those who cite words without taking the trouble to examine them… Persons who look up to others sometimes ask what they would advise. What would Jesus or Allah, Lincoln or Lenin, F.D.R. or Reagan, tell me to do? they wonder. But [...]

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