John Kasich & “Reasonable” Republicans: Are Conservatives Getting Trumped?

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In a better world, with a healthier American political culture, John Kasich would be a nominee for President. Only, he would not be the nominee of the Republican Party. He would be the nominee for the Democrats. The Ohio governor’s almost meteoric rise in early polling for the Republican nomination has surprised many, though [...]

The GOP, Bob Corker, and a Nuclear Deal with Iran

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“Pat, sometimes it seems like our friends want me to go over the cliff with flags flying,” President Reagan once told me. Today, it is “Bibi” Netanyahu and the neocons howling “kill the deal” and “bomb Iran” who are shoving the Republican Party toward the cliff. The question, which may decide 2016, may be [...]

Jeb, the Republican Establishment, and “Adult” Conversations

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In making preparations to run for President, the latest Bush (Jeb, in case you missed it) told the press that he looked forward to having some “adult conversations” about what needs to happen in Washington, DC to break gridlock and “solve” the various problems America faces. He cast aspersions, of course, on Tea Party [...]

The Immigration Decree

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President Barack Obama’s reaction to the shellacking he and his policies received from the American people in the midterm elections surprised no one in its stubborn petulance. Along with some eye rolling and clearly perfunctory statements about how he would “cooperate” with the new Republican majority, President Obama made clear that he sees himself [...]

Cancel the Midterm Elections?

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Like all actual conservatives, I look on any increase in the powers of the Republican Party as an opportunity for disappointment. Its leaders would rather run a permanent minority than serve as part of a majority actually returning power to the states and the people. Better to be ruled by Democrats, “our” leaders believe, [...]

The 2014 Elections: GOP Weaknesses

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The difficulty in predicting the size of Republican gains next week arises from several factors that seem, thus far, to have shielded the Democrats from the full consequences of Barack Obama’s richly deserved unpopularity. One of these factors, operating mainly though not only in the Senate races, reflects closely linked political truisms: Money talks, [...]

On The Border, The GOP Is Outraged At The Wrong Thing

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The immigration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border these days is an odd one. Adherents of the party of free-enterprise, the Republicans, are opposed to the migration of free labor across the border, arguing that agents of the state should stop people and turn them away, if not submit them to government justice. Meanwhile, the [...]

The Massachusetts Republican

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Thus spake the last of Boston’s Brahmin: “I place no stock in any faction Except those stalwarts of the Union And who prefer the Greek to Latin.” I. Mayor Nichols was well before my time. (He was, I read, a Swedenborgian; I’ve always thought that to be somewhat strange, Not that I would’ve held [...]

Why Republicans Are Trying To Save Obamacare

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There is an old saying, that if Democrats were to propose burning down the White House Republicans would counter with a plan that would burn it down “better” for half the price, though it would take half again as long to accomplish. I have been reminded of this saying repeatedly over the past several weeks [...]

Conservatism Needs Less Ayn Rand, More Flannery O’Connor

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How to revive the flagging fortunes of the Republican Party might matter to some people, but it’s not a question that should concern principled conservatives. Crypto-conservatives aplenty stand ready to shoulder that demeaning task. Tune in Fox News or pick up the latest issue of National Review or the Weekly Standard and you’ll find [...]

Reclaiming the Conservative Party

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  I will admit, with only the slightest embarrassment, that the November elections depressed me mightily. As early as mid summer, I promised myself not to get worked up about the current state of politics. One candidate seemed frightful, and the other dreadfully dull. Neither vice presidential candidate did much for me, either, though [...]