Should Conservatives Embrace a Form of Socialism?

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We conservatives need to begin approaching ideas rather than labels. Where we rightfully oppose Marxism for adopting a soullessly ideological worldview, we should be careful to note that Liberalism, though as dangerous as any other ideology when adopted with fanaticism, is also too close to home for us to dismiss in the same way. It [...]

The Hideous and the Damned: Arguing with Roger Scruton

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I have been encouraged by Mr. Joseph Pearce’s two excellent essays, “How Many Loves? Arguing with C.S. Lewis” and “The Vulgar Mob: Arguing with G.K. Chesterton,” to offer up a little challenge to one thinker who has indelibly influenced my own conservatism. I have tremendous admiration for Roger Scruton’s courage in abandoning his academic career [...]

Radical Islam: The Term That Shall Not Be Spoken

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The official position of the Obama Administration seems to be that our country is at war with extremism, including but not limited to those who commit acts of terror in the name of Islam. It is also the position of the executive branch that proclaiming war against radical Islam specifically is unjustified, and for two reasons: first, [...]

Archbishop Welby: Anglo-Distributist?

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Justin Welby, the humble and good-humored Archbishop of Canterbury, marked himself from the beginning of his reign by the contrast he struck with his predecessor Rowan Williams, now Baron of Oystermouth. Lord Williams was one of the seminal reasons for my conversion to Anglicanism. He was born in Ystradgynlais in Swansea, Wales, to a Welsh-speaking [...]

Anglican Church in North America

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On October 9th, thousands gathered at the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta for the investiture of Foley Beach as Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). You would be forgiven for never having heard of Dr. Foley or his church body. The ACNA is the largest single umbrella organization within [...]

Poetry, Propaganda, and Political Standards

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I recently reviewed Leo Yankevich’s latest collection, and only just read an interview with Mr. Yankevich given by the publisher, Counter-Currents. I stand by what praise I gave the volume, in spite of Mr. Yankevich’s own admission that “One of the central themes of…Tikkun Olam is the destructiveness of Jewish power.” Such connotations never once occurred to [...]

Sea Changes by Derek Turner

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I regret that this review comes two years too late: Sea Changes was published in 2012, and better minds than my own already praised Mr. Turner’s first novel more deftly than I will be able to. Taki Theodoracopulos (whose ‘High Life’ article in The Spectator is the highlight of my post-church Sunday morning) called it [...]

The Massachusetts Republican

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Thus spake the last of Boston’s Brahmin: “I place no stock in any faction Except those stalwarts of the Union And who prefer the Greek to Latin.” I. Mayor Nichols was well before my time. (He was, I read, a Swedenborgian; I’ve always thought that to be somewhat strange, Not that I would’ve held it [...]

A Program for Distributists

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No one really disagrees with Distributism, do they? No one would really prefer Wal*Mart to a family-owned general goods store, or McDonalds to the little pub down the street. We are just pulling the wool over our eyes if we think Distributism could actually happen, the anti-Distributist says. Well, look at it this way. Do [...]

John Stuart Mill Reconsidered

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John Stuart Mill may well serve as an invaluable ally in searching out the roots of our ancient Anglo-American order that guarantee liberty as it coexists with order, neither at the other’s expense. He has a great deal of compassion and insight we could benefit from immensely, and it would be to our own disadvantage [...]

Márquez and Modernity

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The death of Gabriel García Márquez gives Conservatives an occasion to reflect on the idea of Modernity. A thoughtful Conservatism unequivocally opposes the rise of Materialism—whether from a religious perspective, like Kirk and Eliot; a Humanist, like Babbitt and Santayana; or a Culturist, like Maurras and Arnold. A fixation with mundane material realities (consumerism, promiscuity, [...]

On Hell

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Like every mortal, I often catch myself thinking about death. At times I wonder if I don’t more than most, but there’s no way to know for sure. It’s a frightening idea, and for Christians especially, because Hell always comes into the conversation. Hell is rather a poltergeist sort of terror—we assume it’s the worst [...]

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