Leaving the Union: Could a State Successfully Secede Today?

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There is no section of the U.S. Constitution that would preclude states from putting referendums for secession on the ballot, and if duly approved, for such states then to depart legally from the Union. The U.S. Constitution is the world’s oldest existing governing body of laws. It was then that our founding fathers met in [...]

Lincoln’s Inversion of the American Union

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The moral grandeur of Lincoln is rooted in the myth that he made a war on the South to abolish slavery. This is, at most, a Platonic noble lie designed to legitimate the Unionist regime. Lincoln thought that slavery was immoral, but so did Robert E. Lee. And Lee, at his own expense, freed [...]

Secession: The Myth of Indivisibility

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Mike Church Transcript from the Mike Church Show.  Mike:  Back to Jay in North Carolina. You had something to say about Justice Scalia before I so rudely interrupted you with my tirade. Caller Jay:  No, actually you really supported the point I wanted to make. Unfortunately, I believe that if you ask [...]

Happy Secession Day, Virginia!

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In the process of ratifying the U.S. Constitution, the most celebrated, lengthy and heated debate was held in the Virginia Convention which convened on 4 June, 1788 in the old State House in Richmond. Seeing that there would not be enough room to accommodate the 187 delegates and thousands of interested citizens, the convention moved [...]

Even The English Knew The Constitution Made Secession Legal

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A recent temper tantrum made its way onto the editorial pages of the NY Times by Louis Michael Seidman, a man claiming to be a professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University titled “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution”. In this dystopian view of the founding of our current union turned mobocracy, Seidman points [...]

The Right to Secede

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How can the federal government be prevented from usurping powers that the Constitution doesn’t grant to it? It’s an alarming fact that few Americans ask this question anymore. 

Our ultimate defense against the federal government is the right of secession. Yes, most people assume that the Civil War settled that. But superior force proves [...]

The Idea That Will Not Die: Secession

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As the recent petitions to the White House confirm, secession is an idea that never goes away. The verb “secede” is derived from the Latin “secessio,” meaning any act of withdrawal. Originally introduced in the seventeenth century as a concept of ecclesiastical discourse and political theory, secession assumes the existence of the modern state, [...]