Martin Luther King’s Forgotten Dream

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Are we a nation of ethnic and racial groupings, or are we a nation of individuals, each unique and deserving of equal opportunity unhampered by racial or gender prejudice? For the first two centuries of our nation’s history—indeed, for most of the world’s recorded history—the great Cult of Exclusivity held sway. More commonly known [...]

The Taming of the Adolescent Male

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The largely-forgotten rules of etiquette were part of an overall project of turning testosterone-driven male lust into meaningfully-directed male courtship. Parents have to remember that teaching their children how to dance, how to date, and how to court and be courted is their job… I had to apologize for my species again today. Not the [...]

William Faulkner’s Last Words & the American Dilemma

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The lesson of William Faulkner’s “Gold Medal” speech is both in the teaching it offers and in the method we must employ to grasp that meaning. It is a work of politi­cal imagination, drawing its rhetoric from the same fountainhead as poetry… The Summer of 1971, we Americans were removed by only half a decade [...]

Not One of Us: Immigration, Equality, & the Common Good

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God unequally bestows gifts to us that are to be used for the common good. The wise can guide others; the well-organized can administer businesses that provide employment; the strong can protect the weak. With such an understanding, equality and a hierarchical social structure are not incompatible, but complement each other… My three children [...]

Vindicating the Founders?

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Conservatives should be troubled by Thomas West's claim that America has always been lib­eral and that the only historical discourse available today is that same liberalism... Vindicating the Founders: Race, Sex, Class, and Justice in the Origins of America, by Thomas G. West (211 pages, Rowman and Littlefield, 1997) Thomas West has written a courageous [...]

Stephen Tonsor on Intellectual History & Equality

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Ideologues have been manipulating the idea of equality for two centuries now. Still, it is equality that has provided the dynamism, the moving force that has energized modern history. The great liberal and leftist revolutions of the past two centuries have all been made in the name of equality… After we began the walk [...]

The Abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment

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The federal judiciary is often the most dangerous branch precisely because it is considered to be the least dangerous one… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords readers the opportunity to join Allen Porter Mendenhall as he discusses the proper and actual extent of the federal judiciary as exemplified in the powers of [...]

Egalitarianism, American-Style

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Russell Kirk posed as one of the “canons” of conservatism the existence of orders in society. Critics have responded for decades that such a view shows that traditional conservatives are by nature aristocratic in their orientation, that they are in some sense “un-American” in their rejection of egalitarianism. The assumption appears to be that [...]

What Is the Promise of the Free Enterprise System?

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The Free Enterprise System is dynamic. It is disruptive, yet also full of opportunities in its competitive nature. It requires hard work and virtue in order for it to be possible. If capitalism is to rise above cronyism, a proper understanding must not only be cultivated but also promoted. Dr. David Azerrad offers us such [...]

How Equality Destroyed the Carnegie Family

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Oh, how Andrew Carnegie adored creative destruction! How much he hated the past! His 1886 book, Triumphant Democracy,[1] a breathless paean to “the Republic,” feels like a prayer, spoken as much in numbers as in words. Among the words of his prayer, none charms like Equality—none possesses a more explanatory power or expresses such warm devotion. [...]

What “The Federalist” Really Says

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III In his analysis of the Socrates of the Apology, Willmoore Kendall was hinting strongly at the probability that the contemporary John Stuart Mill-Karl Popper school in the United States is using the argument of the purist open society as an instrument or weapon to unhinge the existing orthodoxy, not for the alleged purpose [...]

On Remembering Who We Are: A Political Credo

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Beware lest any man tempt you through philosophy and vain deceit. —Colossians 2:8 Quae est enim istorum oratio tam exquisita, quae sit anteponenda bene constitutae civiti publico jure et moribus? ("For what speech of theirs is excellent enough to be preferred to a state well provided with law and custom?") —Cicero's De Re Publica, I.3 Despite the fact that they [...]