The West’s War on Children

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The world has now seen several decades of something quite new: explicitly anti-child policies. By this one might think I am referring to the “one-child” policy in China. And to a certain extent I am. Fines and the withholding of education and other services, not to mention forced abortions, rather comfortably fit within any [...]

Facebook and the End of Civilization

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There has occurred at some point in these last fifty years, a terrible corruption of dystopian fiction. Of course dystopian works are arguably the corruption of utopian works, which were the corruption of serious political philosophy. Plato in his Republic described the good place. Thomas More in his Utopia described the no-place. Aldous Huxley [...]

Crisis of Fatherhood

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The current issue of HUMANUM, the freely available online journal of the Pope John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Washington, DC (from the Institute’s Center for Pastoral and Cultural Research) is devoted to the crisis of fatherhood in our culture. It contains articles and book reviews devoted to the [...]

Severing the Ties That Bind: Feminism, Women, the Family, and Social Institutions

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On the whole, at the opening of the twenty-first century, Western women enjoy a power, education, and privilege unprecedented in human history. And much of this unprecedented power and freedom has resulted from women’s political activism on behalf of themselves and other women. Just as the social institutions of the West have both impeded [...]