The First Shots of the Civil War: The Star of the West

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The Union soldiers defending Forts Sumter and Moultrie in Charleston Harbor had come to believe that their honor, as well as the honor of the Constitution and the federal government, was at stake... Star of the West Shortly after dawn, around 6 am, on January 9, 1861, Captain Abner Doubleday spotted a steamer [...]

Major Anderson Prepares Fort Sumter for War

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While President James Buchanan had received the news of Major Robert Anderson’s move to occupy Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, Anderson had his own new problems with which to deal. On the morning after the move, South Carolina Governor Francis Pickens sent Colonel John Pettigrew and Major Ellison Capers to meet with the major. [...]

What Happened at Fort Sumter?

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In the early evening of December 26, 1860, at Fort Moultrie, Charleston, South Carolina, Captain Abner Doubleday invited Major Robert Anderson to an early evening tea. Anderson politely declined, ordering Doubleday to prepare his men for immediate transfer to a different post. “I have determined to evacuate this post immediately, for the purpose of occupying [...]