The Iraq War 10th Anniversary: A Conservative Beginning?

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(An excerpt from American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia, 2005) The roots of this ongoing conflict, a war which has raged at various levels of intensity from 1990 to the present, lie in the early twentieth century, when then colonial power Great Britain created from the ruins of the Ottoman empire the artificial nation of “Iraq.” At the [...]

Year-End Giving

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Dear Imaginative Conservative Reader, As you prepare for the annual American ritual of year-end giving, please consider donating—at whatever level you can—to the sponsor of The Imaginative Conservative, The Center for the American Republic (CAR), a program of the Free Enterprise Institute (FEI). If you enjoy our articles, reviews, discussions, rants, debates, and general thinking [...]

How the GOP swallowed the Conservative Movement

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  One might think that I’m being sarcastic but I’m only trying to illustrate my contention that the term conservatism has become so free-floating that it means whatever journalists and politicians want it to mean. “Conservative,” as it is now being used to describe Republican ward-heelers and neo-Wilsonian social democrats, is an arbitrary designation. Equally [...]

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