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Dear Imaginative Conservative Reader,

As you prepare for the annual American ritual of year-end giving, please consider donating—at whatever level you can—to the sponsor of The Imaginative Conservative, The Center for the American Republic (CAR), a program of the Free Enterprise Institute (FEI).

If you enjoy our articles, reviews, discussions, rants, debates, and general thinking out loud about ideas that we believe really matter as much yesterday as they do today as they will in the future, please support us.

As I am sure you know, your contributions keep us afloat.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities for a variety of groups over the last decade. Much to my initial surprise, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of my professional career. Why? Because I fully believe in the causes.

What President Winston Elliott does for The Imaginative Conservative, Free Enterprise Institute, and the Center for the American Republic is nothing less than life transforming. I believe in his mission, his integrity, and his vision. He has devoted his professional career to defending what the best of the Greeks would have called The True, The Good, and The Beautiful, and what the American Founding Fathers understood as republican liberty and virtue.

These are timeless truths that must be remembered, treasured, and passed on to those who come after us.

Please help us redeem the time and bring the soul of our republic back to right order.

Yours, faithfully,

Bradley J. Birzer
Chairman, Academic Board of the Center for the American Republic

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