The Grace of Bourbon

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Will Barrett, the protagonist of Walker Percy’s novel The Last Gentleman, complains that he cannot figure out “how to live from one minute to the next on a Wednesday afternoon.” Even Christians, with a solid theological and philosophical grounding, can find the question troubling. So you believe in God, and you believe the Second [...]

Absolute Comfort Corrupts Absolutely

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My men went on and presently met the Lotus-Eaters, nor did these Lotus-Eaters have any thought of destroying our companions, but they only gave them lotus to taste of. But any of them who ate the honey-sweet fruit of lotus was unwilling to take any message back, or to go away, but they wanted [...]

A Colorado Odyssey: Coming Home

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A year ago, while on a panel with that extraordinary radio personality, Mike Church, and a few folks from another website, I think I caused a bit of a stir by arguing that a real man’s existence was about protecting one’s family from the world, conserving what little order could be found in the [...]

Home: The Little Things

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I was out driving this morning, doing some errands. A car ahead of me was going about 30 in a 55 speed limit zone, and as usual I was annoyed. Going so slow, I was forced to look around. I saw businesses working, signs that told me where I was. A man who recently [...]

Notes to the Reader of the Young Man’s Guide to Building a House

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I am very hopeful about our long-term prospects, it is the near-term ones I’m worried about.  What’s the near-term?—the next few hundred years, give or take a century. Since the near-term is when my children and grandchildren will pass their lives I feel I should do something to help them. I’ve passed the half-life [...]

Moral Visions of the Free Market

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Wealth, Poverty & Human Destiny
 edited by Doug Bandow and David Schindler For religious believers, the complicated issue of reconciling the free market with traditional morality is one of increasing importance as the ideology of capitalism gains unprecedented public support and globalization becomes unavoidable. The prospect of material triumph appears omnipresent, and the justifications [...]