An Imaginative Conservative’s “Man of the House”

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The theme of C.R. Wiley’s “Man of the House” is that the Great Progressive Fallacy—the individual is the moral center of the culture, and that the state is the individual’s protector—serves only the forces of destruction… Man of the House: A Handbook for Building a Shelter that will Last in a World that is [...]

Christmas Gifts that Conserve from Old New England

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On election night, when the returns come in, folks around the country generally look upon the results from New England with a mixture of horror and puzzlement. Even though I have lived in New England most of my life I admit to looking at them in the same way. My feelings have something to [...]

How the West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization

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How the West Really Lost God by Mary Eberstadt We can hope that Western civilization is in the early stages of awakening from a bad dream. Mary Eberstadt’s new book may help with that. It is more a stirring nudge than a blaring alarm—in part because it is an accessible work of social science, [...]

Jack, the Giant, and the Indigestible Bean: A Fable

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The Introduction to, The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House There were giants in the land in those days, but fewer people than there used to be. Now the giants were the typical sort—lumbering and hungry. But the people were very odd, most anyway. It wasn’t uncommon for a giant to reach right [...]

One Flesh and Other Household Mysteries

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Chapter 4 in The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House “And the two shall become one flesh.” You don’t hear that much anymore, and when you do it is written off as poetry. With the low regard for poetry these days that pretty much relegates it to something fit for a greeting card. When [...]

Christmas Gifts That are True, Good, and Truly Beautiful

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Imaginative conservatives flee from the mass mind, so you should expect their Christmas gifts to come from parts unknown. They haven’t run just to be different—heaven forbid. Being obsessed with being unprecedented is itself a symptom of the mass mind. Instead imaginative conservatives are always on the lookout for things that are true, good, [...]

The Economics of Love: The Real Economy

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Chapter Three in The Young Man’s Guide to Building a House The words love and economy rarely find their ways into the same sentence. Economics has been called the dismal science but people write songs about love. You don’t write songs about economics unless you’re writing a parody. When most people hear the word economy they think about money. That is [...]

Notes to the Reader of the Young Man’s Guide to Building a House

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I am very hopeful about our long-term prospects, it is the near-term ones I’m worried about.  What’s the near-term?—the next few hundred years, give or take a century. Since the near-term is when my children and grandchildren will pass their lives I feel I should do something to help them. I’ve passed the half-life [...]

Sister Coulsey’s Furnace

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Pastor Ricky had placed all his hopes on the Hawaiian shirt. He wanted to connect with people and he had seen one of those television preachers wearing one. The people at the TV preacher’s church were all tanned and good-looking. Some were even drinking coffee during the service. I need what that guy has, [...]

Lost and Found in the Cosmos: Lovecraft, Lewis & Alien Worlds

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Recently some astronomers discovered two earth-sized planets orbiting Kepler-20, a star roughly 1,000 light years away. Congratulations to them; their detective work was nearly as awe-inspiring as the news. A flurry of articles followed the find, speculating on the nature of these worlds, along with a little speculation on whether or not we will [...]

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