The Theology of Bureaucracy

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What is a case? A case is never a real person. A case is a series of characteristics abstracted from persons; it is a model of those characteristics that a potential client must display in order to qualify for the attention of a bureaucracy. —Ralph P. Hummel, The Bureaucratic Experience By the time this ambulance made [...]

The Imaginative Conjurors: The Turkish Delight of Beauty

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Not long after Bob Dylan’s conversion, I heard him give a radio interview. For obvious reasons, I always considered him a tough challenge in such settings. He can be moody, unpredictable, combative, and cryptic. In this discussion, he was true to form. That, and Dylan continually strummed his guitar in the background, muffling both the [...]

Strike Three: You’re Out-The Economic Reality behind Unions and their Job Actions

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“Any damn fool can pull a strike. It takes commonsense to avert one.”–Joseph Frederick “As in other warfare, victory in a strike is to the strong, not the just; and often noncombatants suffer most.”–W. H. Hutt Strike One When a strike happens, almost everyone loses, whether businesses, or consumers, or workers. […]

Poetry: Stars Through the Clouds

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Stars Through the Clouds, by Donald T. Williams  In the preface to his long historical poem Old King Coel, Adam Fox, former Oxford Professor of Poetry, former Canon of Westminster Abbey, and former Inkling, wrote that in it he had  “used verse and rhyme in a traditional way, since the experimentalists do not seem to have [...]

Begin Here: Civility or Equality?

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“The thing that is in danger is the whole structure of society, and it is necessary to persuade thinking men and women of the vital and intimate connection between the structure of society and the theological doctrines of Christianity.”–Dorothy L. Sayers, “Creed or Chaos?” “But what is a practical joke in a world of nonsense, [...]

The Chronicle of an Undeception: Freedom and Order

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  The central myth of the sixties was that [its] wretched excess was really a serious quest for new values.–George Will I. The Tragic Vision of Life I confess to believing at one time or another nearly all the pervasive and persistent fantasies of the sixties. In the words of Joni Mitchell's anthem for the Woodstock [...]

The Department of Defense Budget Challenge

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Michael Bauman “The department of defense is a sinecure, a massive, unfathomable, black hole for taxpayer dollars that has never been, and perhaps never can be, plumbed to its hellish depths.” If Chuck Hagel really were qualified to be Secretary of Defense, and if he had the insight and courage necessary for the [...]

Communism and Western Intellectuals

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When debating communism, I often encounter those who do not know exactly what it is. My answer is the one known by millions and millions: arrest, purge, gulag, and death. That’s communism. But the knowledge of communism gained by those who live under it (that is, those whom communism has not murdered) is vastly different [...]

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