[Posting anonymous on the internet—one of the most unvirtuous things a person can do, in my opinion—sparked the idea for this piece.]

Executive Lies
The American celebrations surrounding Osama Bin Laden’s death have been startling, to say the least.  That he was a murderer and an enemy of humanity cannot be denied.  That we should celebrate his death through festivities, though, makes us little better than those we have traditionally called barbaric.  At best, the moment of his assassination should be a sobering one.
This aside, one of the most disturbing things to come out of president’s ordered hit on Osama Bin Laden has been the rapidly shifting accounts of the terrorist’s death coming out of the White House.  The story, as told officially, has come in a variety of different packages, some brightly colored, others rather drab; we might still see more arrive.

It is as though post-modernism has gripped the current administration; whatever story told becomes the official story, even if it contradicts the previous story.  We, as citizens, are merely to accept whatever new account we’re given.

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