All those who find it hard to deal
With modern life and get perplexed
With innovation technological; who feel
Their memory receding with their hairline and will get quite vexed
If they can’t get a word, can’t find their specs;
With crinkled faces and with balding pate;
They cannot even send a text:
They’re getting near their sell-by date.

If knee joints didn’t ache too much we’d kneel
And say a prayer for massive cheques
To spend on renovations and the heating bill;
Discover why the DVD ejects;
Pay someone else to swab the decks
While we retire, watch TV, and vegetate;
Our duty done, England expects
We’re simply past our sell-by date.

Although we keep the Planet on an even keel
With our experience, they still portray us as a Hex;
Don’t listen to their cunning spiel—
Internalize their prejudice—it’s simply a pretext
To clear the decks—you know what’s coming next:
A lecture on the need to urgently depopulate
The Earth of those as wrinkled as Tyrannosaurus Rex;
They think we’re past our sell-by date.


Prince, you would serve the common weal
By introducing death control, while those who truly serve can only stand and wait
For you to set a good example—from the cliffs at Deal
To lead the way; since you’re well past your sell-by date.

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