We were born a light within pain
Reckoned in spasms of a tender night
A knowledge Child from infinite origin
Born bearing what came before Us –
So birth found Us quiet, like peace;
And twenty alive, like blood.

To the bright sun I leapt a friend
To grow in spurts from grass to tree
Till water wet my skin to flesh
For I burst to know We were my-Self;
No stranger breed outside Your school,
We swirl with embracing vibrance.

The streets We knew, hand and foot,
And running the hours to feel their touch
Our travel of land and sea and air
Grew till each thought proved
The grain with drop with draft became
A One-God world, a Rule.

Your caring freedom reined Our growth
Where frequent jumps sought clear joys …
The moment waited year to year
Till a vision swiftly caught my eye:
Quiet and in music conceived,
We bundled into Love’s womb.

Within We grew to wider spheres,
You poured Us out meshing
Into one beaker becoming Oneself
Knit and sentient, earth-like Human –
We toiled till I knew Our pregnant Mind
Open and secure, bud-hard and naked.

A Law against Our good bud stood,
A Church Air ruled Our heart “too pure”,
I forged and found Our Mindhood good
But lipped, as to a cup, on tragic life
Where necessity lives non-born
And Christ, her full ship, was seen.

Estranged light filled this strange Man,
When from my eye His Life-light broke
Into my grasp and All Three We roamed
Till an old Church Step too bright
Tripped into drumming chaos
Miles done wild in honest passion.

10,000 run miles end slow
In quickened quips and signs
Where rules are matters of the mind
Life is spread out fine, full depth –
A fault becomes a happy fault –
Twining We enter a deeper dream.

Our final touch of trees and rocks,
I reached – You pushed –
Far into this life, I and You, eternal,
Know love present and nothing foreign:
You taught me Our Mind –
Come, Spirit, let Us love Together…

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