They talked about planned parenthood;
I thought it sounded A-okay;
Had such a wholesome ring—it sounded good—
Until I saw that clip today
On YouTube, and the world turned grey;
I may be hard of hearing, and my wits are slow—
Could be mistaken—but they say—
They trade in body parts, you know.

I’d talk about it if I could;
But I am scared of entering the fray—
Afraid of butting in—of seeming rude;
My blood just turns to water and my feet to clay;
I’d rather dance a roundelay—
Go barefoot in the winter snow;
But when I closed my eyes—their tiny faces wouldn’t go away;
They harvest body parts, you know.

I looked for confirmation—well, I think you should—
They claimed it was quite legal—didn’t wish to bray,
But they relieved mankind and saved the sisterhood—
Appreciated my concern, but I was in the way
Of their attempts at making vivisection pay—
Was interrupting their financial flow—
The specimens were waiting in the tray;
They butcher body parts, you know.


Prince, generally you thwart the common good,
And though you’d never sink that low,
You profit from the plunder; but it’s understood
That when your soul from body parts—you’ll know.

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