(Des Moines, IA)—Having stumbled repeatedly in debates and town hall events, struggling Democratic president candidate Joe Biden is trying out a new slogan based on an oft-repeated statement he has used on the campaign trail: “Go Vote for Someone Else, Fella!”

“Our new slogan really encapsulates who Joe Biden is,” said Biden 2020 campaign manager Greg Schultz. “Cranky, entitled, defensive… It’s our Regular Old Joe in a nutshell.”

“It can’t hurt,” said another senior Biden campaign official. “I mean, with Joe’s endless string of creepy gaffes and hostile interactions with voters, and with Bloomberg hot on our heels now. Maybe doing the opposite of common sense will help us somehow.”

Based on recent interactions with voters, the campaign considered using “Child,” “Fatso,” “Damn Liar,” “Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier,” and “Horse’s A–” at the end of the slogan, but eventually settled on the more generalized—if somewhat sexist—”Fella.”

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