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Louise Cowan

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Dr. Cowan (1917-2015) received her Ph.D. in 1953 from Vanderbilt University. She served for many years as the Graduate Dean and chairman of the English Department at the University of Dallas, and as Director of its Institute of Philosophic Studies. With her husband, Dr. Donald Cowan, she pioneered the University's lauded core curriculum, based on classic texts. Dr. Cowan's publications include The Fugitive Group (1959), The Southern Critics (1971), The Terrain of Comedy, ed. (1984), The Epic Cosmos, ed. with Larry Allums (1992), Classic Texts and the Nature of Authority, ed. with Donald Cowan (1993), and Invitation to the Classics (Baker Book House, 1998), ed. with Os Guinness.

Why Are the Classics Necessary?

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In Kagemusha, the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa portrays a beggar called upon to impersonate a powerful warlord. About to be put to death for thievery, this lowly figure is snatched from execution by royal officers who detect in him an uncanny physical resemblance to their chief. They hide him in the palace to [...]