If Dostoevsky Had Written Science Fiction

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Sounding like a modern, the Greek writer Callimachus once penned an epigram where he quipped, “a large book is a great misfortune.” Does not the legitimacy of such an assertion depend on the author and the reader? Novelist Michael O’Brien gives all lovers of fine novels another marvelously large book. As one who enjoys good [...]

Nietzsche, Napoleon, and Narcissism

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Rooted in Nietzsche’s idea of the ”Superman” is the idea is that a new breed of humanity will emerge who will be superior to the old, joyless Judeo-Christian ethic. Striding confidently into a brave new world, this new super-humanity will rise above the old humanity groveling before their gods. “I am better than everybody else” [...]

The Materialist Superstition

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The continued prevalence of the materialist superstition was manifest in a recent issue of Time magazine titled “In Search of the Mind.”[1] The cover story for the issue authoritatively declaimed that “consciousness may be nothing more than an evanescent by-product of more mundane, wholly physical processes.” According to one medical school neuroscientist cited in the [...]

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