A True Conservative: Lee Edwards

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Lee Edwards has not just known the greats of post-World War II conservatism, but he has also lived with them, and as one of them… Celebrating his eighty-fifth year on this earth, Lee Edwards is a remarkable cultural treasure, a man’s man, a gentleman’s gentleman, and a conservative’s conservative. Biographer of Ronald Reagan and [...]

Why So Many Leaks in President Trump’s Ship of State?

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The myth of civil service neutrality, like the myth of an unbiased press, has fostered the growth of an arrogant, self-interested governing class and structure than can and will defend its own interests… In less than three weeks, the Trump administration has suffered a Niagara of leaks from the White House to the press. [...]

President Trump: The True Heir of Ronald Reagan?

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The common denominator of both the Reagan landslide of 1980 and Donald Trump’s victory is that both candidates appealed to American nationalism. But how similar are these outsiders who captured their nominations and won the presidency?… Since World War II, the two men who have most terrified this city by winning the presidency are Ronald [...]

Farewell Address

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Editor’s Note: Ronald Reagan delivered the following address on January 11, 1989, as he prepared to leave office after serving two terms as President of the United States. My fellow Americans, this is the thirty-fourth time I’ll speak to you from the Oval Office, and the last. We’ve been together eight years now, and [...]

When Mother Teresa Came to Washington

By |2020-09-04T14:49:47-05:00September 6th, 2016|Categories: Barbara J. Elliott, Catholicism, Featured, Politics, Ronald Reagan, Sainthood, Virtue|

It was utterly ludicrous, stepping out of a chauffeured White House limousine to go hear Mother Teresa. Even then I recognized that, as a twenty-something working at the locus of political power. Her simple sari and sandals were incongruous among the tailored suits and silk ties of the people who styled themselves as Masters [...]

Ronald Reagan’s Ten Words that Changed the World

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The West will not contain communism; it will transcend communism. For two full minutes on May 17, 1981, the attendees of the graduation ceremonies at the University of Notre Dame offered President Ronald Reagan a standing ovation.[1] He entered the ACC—Notre Dame’s basketball and hockey arena—accompanied by priests, professors, and diplomats. Throughout his time on [...]

The Truth about Ronald Reagan

By |2016-04-26T11:22:27-05:00April 26th, 2016|Categories: Bradley J. Birzer, History, Ronald Reagan|

Nearly three decades after the Reagan administration ended, several views of the fortieth president—all conflicting—have taken hold in the American popular mind. One is that Reagan was an “amiable dunce,” who was “sleepwalking through history.” Luck and circumstances made him a successful president, but he should be remembered today only as an oaf, simply being [...]

Was Russell Kirk Right about the Gulf War?

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“The Republican Party, which achieved its greatest vigor in this century during the presidential terms of Ronald Reagan, now seems in the sere and yellow leaf.” – Russell Kirk, February 27, 1991, the day before President George Bush declared victory with Operation Desert Storm. Scholars Bradley J. Birzer and Adam Fuller reflect on Russell [...]

Remembering the Rhetoric of Ronald Reagan

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As he personally drafted his first inaugural address on a yellow legal pad, President-elect Ronald Reagan set as a primary goal restoring America to its former greatness. Reagan saw that America had lost faith in itself, as a result of the Carter years, the Watergate scandal, President Nixon’s forced resignation, and the loss of [...]

David Brooks and the Brahmin Stockholm Syndrome

By |2015-11-29T09:50:43-06:00October 26th, 2015|Categories: Bruce Frohnen, Featured, Government, Politics, Revolution, Ronald Reagan|

David Brooks, the in-house Republican at the New York Times, recently wrote an angry column aimed at conservatives (whom he dubbed “right-wing radicals,” among other unfriendly epithets). Elsewhere it has been pointed out, in essence, that someone like Mr. Brooks who pronounced Barack Obama suited for high office on account of the amazingly sharp crease [...]

Keeping Reagan Alive in an Age of Impulse and Amnesia

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Perhaps the most important fact to assimilate about modern American conservatism is that it is not, and has never been, monolithic. It is a coalition with many points of origin and diverse tendencies, not always easy to reconcile. And because of this fact, there has long been a felt need among many conservatives to integrate [...]

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