George Washington

Studies in Virtue: George Washington & George Marshall

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What George Washington and George Marshall have to say to us has to do most of all with the ethical claims of the virtue of duty. Teachers would ably fulfill their calling if they convey to their students their conviction that civil society is best understood and entered into as a partnership in every virtue, [...]

George Washington: Indispensable Man

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George Washington was acutely aware that he had become a legend in his time, a true myth, and he recognized that the presidency made possible the institutionalization of the role he had been playing. That is to say, he endowed the presidency with the capacity—and the awesome responsibility—to serve as the symbol of the nation, [...]

Was George Washington a Christian?

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The depth of George Washington’s Christian beliefs is totally irrelevant to his vision of the country he helped found… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords our readers the opportunity to join Paul Gottfried as he explores the faith of George Washington. —W. Winston Elliott III, Publisher One of the most illogical historical debates [...]

Liberals, Conservatives, and the American Presidency

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Immediate popular majorities do not bestow greatness on statesmen. Rather, it is the longview of history and experience that will be the arbiters of the place each of our presidents will ultimately find… The office of the presidency has always been controversial. Born of the Founders’ struggle to create a stable republican political order, [...]

George Washington & the Patience of Power

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In his courage and perseverance throughout the Revolution, George Washington revealed his reliance on patience—and feelingly used the word when referring to his men at Valley Forge… In contemporary American society, the relationship between patience and power is often wary and distant: If people have power, then they won’t have to wait. Recently, however, these [...]

Promised Land: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Founding Era

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During her first century, America’s foreign policy closely guarded her place as a holy land, set apart from the wicked Old World. The purpose of foreign policy was to keep the corrupt outer world from shaping our nation… Who are we, we Americans? Are we champions of liberty, both civil and religious, both at home and [...]

Luther Martin of Maryland & the Constitutional Convention

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Luther Martin understood human nature with a genius of sheer power, foresight, and brilliance. He believed that there can be no union without subsidiarity because without it, governments run with the cyclical and typical tyrannies of humankind… Forgotten Founder, Drunken Prophet, The Life of Luther Martin, by Bill Kauffman (Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2008) “Happiness [...]

Is America a Christian Nation?

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Many parts of North America were settled by Christians who devoted their communities to the service of God. Arguments and assumptions drawn from Christian theology were part of the background for the framing and ratification of the Constitution, as well as many of the great controversies of American history… In 2010 the Texas state [...]

“Occasioned by General Washington’s Arrival in Philadelphia”

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“Occasioned by General Washington’s Arrival in Philadelphia, On the Way to his Residence in Virginia” The great, unequal conflict past, The Briton banish’d from our shore, Peace, heav’n-descended, comes at last, And hostile nations rage no more; From fields of death the weary swain Returning, seeks his native plain. […]

The Foreign Policy of George Washington

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The war between France and Great Britain was the first major crisis faced by the country under the new Constitution. It was a test that the Washington Administration helped the nation pass with flying colors… Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords readers the opportunity to join Gary J. Schmitt as he explores [...]

Address to the Newburgh Conspirators

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“The secret mover of this scheme intended to take advantage of the passions, while they were warmed by the recollection of past distresses, without giving time for cool, deliberative thinking”… Editor’s Note: In March of 1783, George Washington’s Continental Army was encamped near Newburgh, New York. The war not yet over, though victory was within [...]

Imagining the Father of Our Country

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Would it be an unlicensed trespass of the imagination to conceive, that on the night preceding the day of which you now commemorate the fiftieth anniversary—on the night preceding that thirtieth of April, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine, when from the balcony of your city-hall, the chancellor of the state of New York, administered [...]

It’s Washington’s Birthday, Not Presidents’ Day

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True to principle, George Washington relinquished the power that was his for the taking. Why don’t more American children know that?… People ask why a few of us presidential junkies would like to see Presidents’ Day changed back to Washington’s Birthday. The technical explanation has to do with a misguided law called HR 15951 [...]

Restoring the Foreign Policy of the Founding Fathers

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Perhaps if we offer shelter to the poor and honor the wishes of our founders, we could end our abject imperialism and restore a foreign policy worthy of a republic… Is there a conservative foreign policy? If so, no one person has articulated it well enough to create a consensus among those on the [...]