Darling of the Dark Enlightenment: The Aristocratic & Radical Traditionalist Julius Evola

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Julias Evola’s Passport Photo, 1940 Defining “Right-wing” is not an easy task. While Russell Kirk’s definition of conservatism is the rejection of ideology (which is materialist and, as Bradley J. Birzer puts it in “Russell Kirk on the Errors of Ideology,” falsely “promises mankind an earthly paradise”), the basic and general catch-all [...]

George Orwell’s Despair

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In the twentieth century, no novelist exerted a stronger influence upon political opinion, in Britain and America, than did George Orwell. Also Orwell was the most telling writer about poverty. In a strange and desperate way, Orwell was a lover of the permanent things. Yet because he could discern no source of abiding justice [...]

An Imperfect Genius: Footnotes to George Orwell

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George Orwell It is ironic that more than a half century after George Orwell’s death, the famous socialist pundit is perhaps most appreciated by political conservatives. This fact highlights his ambivalent intellectual legacy. But something should also be said about Orwell’s literary legacy, lest we overlook the shortcomings of an otherwise brilliant author. Liam Julian [...]

Creepy & Creeping Socialism

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Back when this man was President of the USA the term “creeping socialism” was known (and, one suspects, understood) by most Americans who were capable of waking up in the morning. Ike didn’t invent the term—that honor goes to F.A. Hayek in his what was then recent book, The Road to Serfdom; but Ike used it, knowing [...]

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