Why is Ideology Attractive?

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To what end were 205 million human persons—created in the Image of God—murdered in the twentieth century, one must ask? And, why did millions more suffer for being simply human persons, unique, unfathomable, unrepeatable? The answer, unfortunately, is not an easy one, and very few scholars—historians, philosophers, or theologians—have attempted to answer this question. In [...]

Kevin McCormick: Books That Make Us Human

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by Kevin McCormick The Divine Comedy—Dante Alighieri; The original sci-fi trilogy. The Book of Psalms—King David, et al Orthodoxy—G.K. Chesterton; England’s Funniest Home Theology! The Lord of the Rings—J.R.R. Tolkien To Kill a Mockingbird—Harper Lee Let Us Now Praise Famous Men—James Agee; It is not surprising that many who praise Agee’s book see some kind of correlation between [...]

American Founding–John Adams (Part 3)

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Why the Fame? Given John Adams’s liabilities–his prickly personality, several career setbacks, and the inconvenient fact that his presidency was shoehorned between that of eminent Virginians–it is hardly surprising that his revival came so late–200 years after his retirement from public life. I’d argue that it is not justifiable to give all the credit to [...]

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